Achievement 2023.06.27 ~ 2023.10.17
HoD Official


  • HoD Store Open
    • HoD Store is a space where you can purchase various products including project goods with cash and SSP. 


  • WallnetConnect Update
    • We updated the version of 'WalletConnect' which is used by HoD.


  • Fee system Update
    • A fee of 10% is charged for the use and claim of SSP.
    • The dev Fee is 10% of the system fee.


  • SSP Log Board
    • SSP Log board has been added with this update. Through this board, all distribution logs of SSP can be displayed transparently.


  • Referral Reward
    • We have introduced a referral reward system to spread the word about HoD to more people!
    • You can register a referral code for up to 10 people. You may receive a fee for your registered child's economic activities.


  • Hotto Service
    • The automated Hotto service has been updated
    • At the beginning of each week, a new game is automatically created and the results are processed.