Achievement 2024.02.01 ~ 2024.05.31
HoD Official

  • Expansion of DMS Token to BASE Chain
    • Connecting with the Base chain to build a better DMS token ecosystem.
    • Starting with the Base chain DMS token, HoD DAO tokens will also be issued on the Base chain.
  • Support for Apple ID Login
    • Added functionality to use Apple ID for HoD login.
  • Support for Feeds Feature on HoD Home Screen
    • Revamped the HoD website home screen to aggregate and display the latest feeds.
  • Opening of 4 Mini Games
    • ESCAPE : A one-click game where you jump with precise timing.
    • 2048 : A brain-teasing puzzle game where you combine identical numbers to reach 2048.
    • ELEMATTER : A game where you install towers with appropriate attributes to prevent enemies from passing through.
    • SLIME TOWER : A game where you drop slime to stack it as high as possible.
  • Increase in Daily Claim Limit for DMS Tokens
    • Significantly increased the daily maximum withdrawal (claim) limit for NFT staking reward tokens (DMS) on the My Dimension site.
  • Selection of DAO Airdrop Recipients
    • Selection of recipients for the DAO token airdrop and collection of wallet addresses.
  • Partnership with Mint.Club for HoD DAO Token Issuance
    • HoD DAO tokens will be issued on the Mint.Club platform.


  • WAGMI Post Events
    • Raffle event and top 3 ranking event to commemorate the listing on WAGMI Post.