1. Goals and basic principles for juvenile protection

HoD strives to protect teenagers from mentally and physically harmful environments and creates a beneficial environment, and specifies youth protection policies to provide services that can safely use the Internet.

2. Juvenile Protection System

HoD is preparing and applying a certification device for harmful media for teenagers so that they are not exposed to harmful information without any restrictions and is taking preventive measures to prevent exposure to harmful information.

3. Consultation on damage caused by harmful information and handling grievances

HoD has deployed professionals to consult and deal with damages caused by harmful information to prevent the spread of damage caused by delays in relief measures and poor handling, and if it is difficult to handle it on its own, we will guide related agencies by damage characteristics.

4. Restrictions and management measures for youth access to harmful information

HoD extends the prohibition on illegal or harmful keywords to various services, including general search, and systematically manages services with adult authentication devices by limiting the scope of use.

5. Education to protect teenagers from harmful information

HoD trains youth protection personnel on various related laws and sanctions standards for youth protection, such as how to cope with the discovery of harmful information, and reporting procedures for handling violations.

6. Youth protection by raising awareness among all users

HoD notifies that unhealthy activities through service terms and conditions may be subject to restrictions on use or civil and criminal responsibility, and protects teenagers and all users by promptly spreading harmful information through notices or e-mails.

In addition, we are striving to raise netiquette awareness through various information soundness education and campaigns.

7. Designation of the person in charge of juvenile protection and its details;

HoD has designated a youth protection manager as follows to block and manage harmful information on youth and establish policies to protect youth from harmful information on youth.
Youth Protection Officer
Name: Kim Gun-joong
Phone: +82-2-6010-1530
e-mail : support@rowoonlabs.io